Easter Fun for Everyone

Easter is approaching quickly!  Need some ideas to get you motivated and in the spring spirit?  There’s no rule that says adults can’t participate in an Easter egg hunt- so round up your friends for some egg hunting!  Have plans on Easter morning?  Plan an Easter egg hunt the night before- with flashlights.  When it gets dark, your flashlight will be your guide to eggs filled with candy and prizes!

Another fun idea: glow in the dark Easter eggs.  Yes, it’s a bit easier to find the eggs this way, but if you hide a bunch of them, it’s a race to see who has the most in their basket at the end.  And Easter isn’t all about the candy- try filling the eggs with something a little off-beat.  Here are some examples of quirky items: erasers, rubber bands, coins (or a dollar in an egg that is really hard to find), seeds, a stick of gum, plastic jewelry, stickers, etc.  Most of these items you can find at the dollar store.

After church or a morning egg hunt, invite your friends back to your home for a festive brunch party. Start with some appetizers and adult beverages to tide over your hungry guests while the big meal is being prepared. We were inspired by Kojo Designs’ amazing ideas and photos on how to create an unforgettable mimosa bar.

For the main course, try a savory French toast or a scrumptious quiche; or if you don’t feel like cooking- why not have a buffet of muffins, cereal, granola and yogurt.  Simple and creative, and lets your guests choose their own fruit toppings and creations.  And if you’ve saved room for dessert- have a slice of carrot cake.  Cliché, but so tasty!  Check out Better Homes and Gardens recipe for a wonderful Vanilla French Toast you must try.

Does the thought of throwing an Easter get-together at your house sound appealing but tiring?  Hire our staff to help you!  We’ll handle all of the hostess duties for a reasonable fee.  Call us today at 425.780.5671 so we can help with your next event!


The Privé Team